Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

An initial consultation with Dr. Goetz includes a review of previous medical records and diagnostic test results and a thorough Western and Eastern physical examination. After reviewing all findings, Dr. Goetz formulates a Traditional Chinese Veterinarian Medicine (TCVM) diagnosis and treatment plan. The consultation also includes a thorough discussion of treatment objectives and expectations, as well as time to answer any questions the owner may have.

Healing modalities employed by Dr. Goetz, based on TCVM diagnosis, include:

  • Acupuncture: Stimulation of certain points along the exterior of the body to affect internal results. This technique uses needles along or in conjunction with vitamins, homeopathic preparations, air or electricity.
  • Tui-na: A combination of chiropractic, acupressure and massage therapy. Often, the owner is shown how to do certain techniques in the office to then use at home.
  • Food therapy: The use of inherent energy properties in foods to help heal disease.
  • Chinese herbal medications: Used for thousands of years to help augment the effects of
    acupuncture and treat the underlying causes of disease. Chinese herbal preparations are natural but not harmless, and should only be dispensed by a veterinarian after a proper TCVM diagnosis.
  • TCVM is also utilized as a preventative strategy to keep the body in balance so that disease is prevented.