front3At Manlius Veterinary Hospital we are proud of the care that is given to your precious pet each and every time you make a reservation with us. You can rest assured that each pet is attended to several times a day. Even with the care and attention given to your pet they can still become stressed and anxious being without you. Because we are first and foremost an Animal Hospital we are highly trained to diagnose these signs and will always treat accordingly. You can feel comfortable in knowing no treatment will occur without your prior approval and you can feel free to contact us at any time during your pet’s stay. We also provide high quality Hills Sensitive Stomach diets should you choose not to bring food. This is provided at no extra charge. We also keep a stock of Purina Prescription Diets if you need to purchase extra for your pets stay.

If your pet is on any medications we are happy to administer them while boarding. We ask that you bring all medications in their original container and enough for the entire stay. If your pet should run out of medication we are happy to refill the prescription while boarding.

Manlius Veterinary Hospital also offers services to pamper your loved one. These services include luxury Spa Days where your pet will be pampered with a hydrating Yucca shampoo and conditioner followed by a brush out when dry. A Spa Day also includes a pedicure, pad trim, and ear cleaning. You may also choose just a bath before pick-up. We are happy to administer any flea/tick or heartworm prevention medications necessary or requested. Any of these treatments can be in addition to a reservation or simply by making an appointment on most days.